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Wealth Management Consultation

Wealth Management Consultation

We work with wealth managers, asset managers, and retirement players to create value in a fastchanging market.

They help our clients reach their financial goals, whether that goal is to develop an investment strategy for an individual or maintain portfolios for a large corporation.

Our clients are seeking deep and lasting strategic and operational improvement on growth and performance. We provide counsel on issues in strategy, organization, earnings improvement, IT and operations, and sales and marketing. We also partner with clients to develop sound observations about the future state of the industry, and to make strong strategic choices that will enable them to adapt and thrive in a changing market.

Our collaborative and fact-based approach relies on deep proprietary research that spans all institutional and retail segments, asset classes (for example, alternatives) and products, such as exchange traded funds and outcome-oriented funds. Our proprietary tools provide unique insights into the flows, assets, and economics of each of the sub-segments of these markets and into the preferences and behaviors of consumers, investors, and intermediaries.

We work across the full spectrum of challenges faced by our clients, including:
  • Growth We help clients identify and embrace new markets and segments that lead to sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Operations We help design and implement superior front- and back-office processes in research, portfolio management, risk management, technology, and distribution.
  • Organization. We partner with clients to develop optimal organizational structures and processes.
  • Investment performance. We support clients on portfolio management, research, and knowledge management, with a focus on superior execution. Through senior-level conferences and roundtables, we foster a regular exchange of current research and insight, and provide our clients with cuttingedge knowledge relevant to their strategic needs.